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“Where words fail, music speaks.” 

- Hans Christian Andersen

"The only thing better than singing is more singing."

- Ella Fitzgerald

Tasea and Chris are a chic acoustic duo, based on the French Riviera and warming the hearts of thousands since 2018. 

They complete perfectly the atmosphere of a wedding, private party or corporate event. With a wide and sophisticated repertoire, they can easily adapt to every style and music taste. 

Chris is a talented french guitarist born in Nice. With a classical and jazz background, it's very hard to find a musician more passionate about his instrument than he is. 

Tasea is originally from Eastern Europe, who lost her heart to the French Riviera 10 years ago and never left since. Along with her career in acting, she persuades her path in singing - which is her life long passion and her alter ego.

Most of all - they consider their biggest reward the spark in their clients' eyes when they claim having goosebumps after their performance.